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What we do

At Petite Sweets our mission is to make your events memorable with custom desserts and florals. All cakes and pastries are made from quality ingredients, whole butter and rich flavorings. Our cakes and pastries are baked to order and are layered with fresh custards, mousses, creams and fruits. Customers may order from our menu selections or we can create signature flavor combinations for your special event.



fresh daily

Specializing in wedding cakes, mini pastries,
dessert catering and floral designs.

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The flavor menu was developed to cater to many different customers' taste from the simple butter cake with buttercream icing to spirit infused miniature pastries and torted wedding cakes filled with fresh custard and mixed berries. Gluten free and dairy free options available.


Classic flavors

Chocolate and vanilla bean buttercream. Served on top of fluffy fresh baked cake. Simple but classic.


Specialty flavors

Fresh berries, decadent chocolate and custard fill freshly baked pastries and cake layers. Premium Ganache and candied garnishes.


Infused flavors

Herb and spice steeped creams with spirited syrups folded into fresh custard, mousses or cream. 

beautiful cakes for memorable events



the chef

Petite Sweets was started by Chef Denetia Lyons in 2012 in Detroit, MI as a dessert company specializing in wedding cake design, mini pastries, event cakes, and dessert tables. She is passionate about the world of baking and pastry and has over 18 years of industry experience. 

Chef Denetia Lyons is a Johnson & Wales University Graduate with a degree in Baking & Pastry Arts and Food Service Management. She has held the role as Executive Pastry Chef in restaurants and hotels. She is also a Culinary Arts Instructor teaching those new to the craft, passing on insight and skill.  

Favorite dessert to eat? Vanilla chiffon cake with vanilla bean chantilly cream. 


Reach out to us for pricing information and to schedule a tasting and event consultation.